Self-Isolation in St Ives

You might think we are already pretty isolated in St Ives, but since smallest bean (9) has developed a mild cough we are unfortunately morally obliged to do as Bozza tells us and isolate all 5 of us for 14 days. My first thought was that this might be a fun adventure and give us all the chance to learn new skills, get fit, spring clean, emotionally bond and generally improve ourselves. However, as I sit here - 15 minutes in - middle bean (13) is teaching himself to play 'what a wonderful world' on the trumpet in an admirable attempt to be Louis Armstrong; this has sent oldest bean (15) into a rage, claiming 'if we are going to be stuck together in this hell for 14 days then he needs to stop making music!" Meanwhile, youngest is sobbing because she wanted to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine for the 20th time and hubby screamed that if 'he had to hear that theme tune one more time he was going to jump into the sea'. I however am sitting on the balcony and gazing at the crashing waves on beautiful Porthmeor from the balcony. If you have to be isolated there are far worse places to be!